What a professionell alarm system costs

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What does a good alarm system cost?

Buying an alarm system is actually a bit of a challenge. Which provider should you choose? Should it be a wireless alarm system or a wired alarm system? Where can I activate the alarm system? Do I need a security service or will the police come directly? These and other questions arise when choosing an alarm system.

So what factors are important when choosing and comparing an alarm system?

Ideally, we want a solution that is both uncomplicated and secure.

This is exactly what active monitoring from SiKaRo Sicherheit GmbH can offer. You can get adivce from SiKaRo Sicherheit GmbH without having to spend weeks on the subject of security. You save time and money and have a specialist at your side. We will create a customized security solution for you. After that, you are completely and carefree protected.

This is how much SiKaRo active monitoring costs:

Use the SiKaRo cost configurator to receive a non-binding quote for your individual security concept with just a few clicks.

We would als be happy to visit your on site and use our years of experience to recommend the right concept for your premises. You can reach us by phone or e-mail. We guarantee that your inquiry will be processed quickly.

We charge monthly fixed rates for hardware, maintenance and service. SiKaRo Sicherheit assure you that the hardware is alway up to date and in perfect operating condition.

We use the most powerful hardware – you can use apps to monitor your security system.

Further Information on the handling of your personal data and information on your rights, in particular your right of withdrawal, can be found in our privacy policy.

You will find our postal address in the Imprint.

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